NADA 2022 - Las Vegas - Booth 6707N

NADA 2022

Las Vegas - Booth 6707N

2 Guys, 2 Whiteboards.

2 Guys.
2 Whiteboards.

Bill and Brent at NADA 2022!
Catch Brent at NADA 2022!

Attending the NADA Convention and Expo this year?

Spend 15 Minutes with Bill Playford and Brent Wees at the most “LOW-FI” booth experience the show has ever seen! We’ll show you how to turn $250,00.00 into $10,000.00 and how to turn 7 hours into 7 minutes.

These are both VERY GOOD things but you’ll have to stop by to see why.
Catch Bill at NADA 2022!

What's DOS?

DOS stands for Dealer Operating System. It’s a suite of technology that ties all of your platforms together, then automates the boring stuff. It uses all the industry buzzwords at once to ensure you are spending your time at what you do best while performing the tasks that take up too much time. It’s still you. 

We are only getting started. Built on technology already being employed by the banking, telecom, and entertainment industries, DOS is ready to help unleash the human capital burdened by too little time and too much effort. Our technology will work hand-in-robot-hand with dealerships to ensure they make the most out of every employee. No more late responses. No more late nights. No more late results.


DOS BDC boosts CRM functionality by automatically sending the right message while maintaining the correct process. Even if it means using external lead portals. 

Receive receive dealmaking updates from any internet connected device. A CRM that finally follows you. 

Trust the busy work to robots. Humans have warmer handshakes.


DOS MGR collects data from any dealership digital resource, normalizes it, interprets what is important, and pushes prescriptive interventions to the right people on the device of their choosing.

No more logging into eight different tools to stare at a random assortment of charts and graphs. 

Let managers go back to managing people, not reports.

Why Now?

Retail automotive has found itself at a nexus of legacy technology, forced manufacturer technology, limited human capital, and more demanding customers. If the beginning of this decade is anything like the future, something must be done to address the increasing gaps between what is available, what is required, and who is capable of using it. What the industry needs is a scalable solution that bridges these divisions of reality so it can move forward in unison. That solution is DOS.

Need DOS?